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A website dedicated to absolutely nothing right now.  The name the grease trucks is derived from the food trucks that line the College Avenue campus of Rutgers University in New Brunswick,NJ.
The grease trucks were and still are known for there seemingly ubiquitous 24hr presence, providing the residents and students of Rutgers with both non- nutritious and healthful sustenance.  It is with this same concept of a symbiotic relationship of community service and straight out capitalism that we attempt to make something out of this website.
Thanks....Oh yeah, and a special shout out to my buddies at my quasi-governmental job, Chris R., Pete H., Scott, Jacob,keraya and Rob.
And to my buddies in my past life on Wall St,Anthony,Kenny,Tommy,Johnny Red,JohnnyG,TT,shep,Jimmy,Billy Brock,Floyd,MMurray,JJ,s Mark, AR, Dillo,Jack,Chalmers,Kurt,jack,Huggie, Daly,AndyF,scotty and the rest of the guys on the equity side!!!

Finally,Hi Jus,Xan,Jim,Gary,jers
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